About RSR

UK based Rock Solid Rigs was founded on the idea of offering a simulator chassis which matches or exceeds the perfomance of the highest grade sim chassis on the market, by focusing on extracting a drivers or pilots best performance without gimmicks or compromised design.

Its products have been designed by a Formula One  car designer who has also previously designed simulator chassis for Formula One teams. Forged with a clear understanding that the stiffer and more accurately positioned the controls relative to the driver, the less diluted their inputs are, the faster the laptime. As a consequence this makes the drivers muscle memory and reactions learnt in the sim more transferable to the real car.

Rock Solid Rigs provided F1 design engineer  Mark Foster (pictured) with a short design brief. To create a sim racing cockpit with zero preconceptions, while prioritizing control stiffness and adjustment ranges over all other factors. The RSR-21 is a design of pure function of which its appearance and environmental credentials are pleasing side effects.

Fosters most recent engineering history includes working primarily at a senior level on engineering projects for RedBull F1, Mercedes F1, Williams F1, RedBull Advanced Tech, Indycar, and Arrival.  His most notable recent project was as lead Design Engineer of the groundbreaking Indycar aeroscreen, which involved using data provided by RedBull F1 and integrating it into an existing Dallara Chassis.