Yes! We have been shipping to the US and Canada for 2 years now.

Yes we having been shipping to most countries in Europe for over 2 years.

No, unfortunately this is not possible for the time being.

Non UK orders have no tax applied by us. Import taxes may be applied by your local government at their current rate.

You can fit an ultrawide to the RSR-21 single monitor mount, as long as it is VESA 50, 75, or 100.

With the outer mounts you can fit most triple flat 32″ monitors up to 8kg each. Following testing we believe triple 27″ flat monitors are optimal for immersion.

Yes the RSR-21 is pre drilled for the CSL DD.

It is possible to fit nearly any seat, or seat runner to the RSR-21, as long as the total width is no more than 50cm. This just requires drilling the required bolt positions into the plywood seat mount. The Seat mount is pre-drilled in the Sparco seat and slider rail bolt patterns.

No adaptors required, ever.

If you so wish we would suggest customers use a premium gel stain or wood dye. Though please be aware this will count as a modification and void any return policy.

500kg (1100lb) is our recommended maximum driver weight.

There is no PC mount option available as this brought about too many liability issues.


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