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Beautiful. Solid.

“Beautiful. Solid. Ultra cleverly designed. A delight days after days. I recommand it at 100%. Using it with a DD1, V3 pedal set, shifter and handbrake from Fanatec.”

Guyot Julien, France

Would buy again

“Replaced Next Level’s F-GT Lite with RSR-21 few months ago, and I’m very glad that I did. It’s sturdy, clean design, adjustable and quite simple to assemble. I’m using Fanatec CSW 2.5, Club Sport Pedals and Sparco Evo seat & rails with it; I had to drill new holes for seat rails to the base, but otherwise no modifications were needed.
Would buy again.”

Pasi Ahopelto, Finland


“Solid, beautiful, easy to build and adjust. This is my first rig and I will never need another one. Very pleased with the product.”

Steve Buglass, Loughton, London

Very very good rig

“Very very good rig, easy to build, as solid as it can be, and very low vibration. This last part is the biggest difference from my midrange rig I had before, built out of steel: my play sessions are much quieter now.

I’ve been using it for over four months, swapping between a karting layout and a GT layout, with VR.

With the karts, I can’t quite put my steering wheel between my legs – which is impossible with any rig anyway – but it is the only situation where you could be a bit limited by the thickness of the wood. On the other hand it is very nice that you can tilt the wheelbase support a lot, approximating the kart position, and this is not a given for all high-end rigs from what I could see looking for this in reviews and pictures. All this is surely more of an issue for me as I’m 1.90m (6.2ft) tall so I need to make space for my legs (if you’re 1.90 fitting anywhere is not a given).

With the GT layout, all great: it is not immediately obvious what the ideal combination of pedal mount and seat mount position to choose, so it is very nice that not only are there options, but that changing things is trivial.

I’d be curious if anyone managed to mount actuators on the RSR 21, as I can’t see any other major reason to go for an alu rig. Bonus, it will smell like fresh wood for the first couple of months, which I think most people will enjoy. If you have an allergy to (wood) dust, you may want to clean the parts with a slightly wet cloth a couple of times.”

Velisar Manea, Copenhagen

Highly Recommended

“Superb most rigid rig I have used. Highly recommended.”

Paul Macey, North Wales


“This rig is Perfect!”

Sebastien Beaudry, Canada

Very strong and surprisingly easy to put together

“The best purchase I have made for my sim rig, very strong and surprisingly easy to put together”

Mark Hutchinson, Northern Ireland

The RSR-21 doesn’t move!

“This is my first rig so I can’t really compare to others but this is Solid! The RSR – 21 doesn’t move! Love the design!”

Kevin Walsh, Gillingham, Kent

I’m still blown away

“I had wanted a rig for years but didn’t want a metal, industrial looking structure in my living room so made do with a desk. After watching Dave Cam’s review on YouTube I fell for the aesthetics and design of the RSR-21 and put in an order. Super easy payment and shipping, and I was impressed with the kit when it arrived, instructions were easy to follow and my wheel and pedals bolted straight on. I’ve used it for a few months now and I’m still blown away by the build quality, strength and looks of my rig.

Worth every penny. Genuinely a rock solid rig haha”

Sarah Savage, Brighton UK

Zero flex

“I bought the rig after watching a youtube review and because I did not want an aluminum frame.

Previously I had a playseat revolution which was nice to start with but this rig is from another galaxy in comparison! I mean talk about rock solid, it stands like a house with zero flex. No more sqeekie noizes from the frame when pushing the brake pedals or turning the wheel. Not only is there no flex in the rig itself it also looks really nice.

I was a bit disappointed about the packaging though. It felt a bit cheap, this could use an improvement in the unpacking experience. It felt like unboxing my Ikea cupboard.
The build was quite straightforward and even with minor d.i.y knowledge one can assemble the rig. When you take your time you can finish it in one day.
Since I already had a decent chair I added sliding rails so I can easily adjust the seating forward and backward.

All in all I’m extremely happy with my setup and would highly recommend this. Last but not least RSR also plant trees per RSR21 sold to minimize their impact on the environment. You Rock!”

Rolf Wilms, Netherlands

Great quality product

“Pros: Great quality product. Exactly as advertised. Multiple configurations make it perfect for one or multiple monitors.
Cons: A bit small for my 5’11” 200 lbs, 53 year old frame but that is more my fault than the product’s. Not worse than any other rig.”

Juan Climent, Atlanta GA USA

It’s rock solid

“Rsr is my third sim rig. Was gona buy a alu profile rig but got this instead. No complaints. Assembly was simple. Everything was cut and drilled perfectly. I’ve had for over 6months now. And its rock solid. I’m so glad I purchased and recommend to anyone moving from a desk top set up to a cockpit rig.”

Alistair Hay, Scotland

Stable and solid

“I’m really happy with it, it’s the most stable and solid cockpit I’ve tried.”

Lacombe Stéphan, France

Will be back for sure

“Ordered the RSR21 rig ready for a fanatec wheelbase I had on order, in the end fanatec let me down with yet another delay and shifting availability dates so I decided to cancel my order with fanatec holding off on sim racing for now.

I built the rig up and it’s amazing, it really is rock solid in every way, very nicely designed, very nicely finished, it was a shame to have to request a return but RSR were happy to help, no issues even having it built and having to dismantle they were more than happy to help and I couldn’t ask for more than that.

Will be back for sure and I hope more people look into this over typical aluminium rigs because it’s right up there with them.”

Jason Clarke, Birmingham

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